Excellent place to take your old Volkswagen for repairs. Tim's work is solid and reasonably priced; he clearly knows his way around an aircooled VW. If you drive one you know how important it is to find a mechanic who specializes in them, and this place is now my go-to.
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Lydia Saunders

Turbo Diesel Injection For New VW Vehicles Only

If you own a newer Volkswagen vehicle, you may be able to have your car TDI, or turbo diesel injected. Volkswagen’s turbo diesel injected vehicles offer powerful performance without sacrificing the environmental efficiencies of a diesel car. This means that you’re getting more bang for your buck all around, including engine performance and mileage.

Your Volkswagen turbo injection will give your car an immense boost in power levels across the board by squeezing more air into the cylinders. TDI engines also have much better sound insulation, which means that your engine will perform much quieter than standard Volkswagen engines.

If your Volkswagen is a TDI vehicle, it’s vital that you have all services and routine upkeep done by professional Volkswagen mechanics such as Classic Import Repair’s auto service. These vehicles require precise parts, tools, and expertise to function correctly.

Don’t waste your time and money bringing your turbo diesel injected Volkswagen to an inexperienced mechanic or service. These services are costly and can be detrimental to your vehicle as they do not possess the proper tools or knowledge to maintain or repair imported cars. Our services are quick, to the point, and thorough.

We don’t cut corners so that you can enjoy your diesel injection powered Volkswagen as much as possible at 100% optimal performance. We study these incredible vehicles from top to bottom and hustle hard to ensure that we are always up to date with new model vehicles and parts. Give us a call today!