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Transmissions are a critical key component of every vehicle, and when it comes to keeping your Volkswagen on the road and running top-notch, you’ll need to keep a keen eye and ear out for any transmission issues. At Classic Import Repairs, our Volkswagen transmission shop is always ready and willing to service your VW needs. We’ve got the right tools, the right parts, and, most importantly, the right experience. Don’t risk bringing your vehicle to an inexperienced mechanic. When it comes to this specific brand, it’s imperative to get quality and specialized VW transmission repair services.

Below you’ll find a list of signs and symptoms of a bad transmission. It’s important that you call us immediately if you experience any of these signs. If left ignored, you could be looking at a much more significant and expensive transmission fix.

● Leaking Fluid
● Burning Odor
● Grinding Gears
● Clunking, Whining, or Banging
● No Response
● Engine or Service Lights
● Noisy in Neutral

We believe that VWs rank among some of the best, easy, and fun cars currently on the market. You will not regret having a Volkswagen in your life. However, they can be a challenge to maintain and repair, especially if we’re talking about serious issues under the hood. This brand requires specific tools, parts, and techniques to ensure maximum performance and longevity. The team at Classic Import Repairs is experienced and educated in all matters when it comes to VWs, including transmission. Give us a call today, and we’ll get your car back up to speed in no time.