Excellent place to take your old Volkswagen for repairs. Tim's work is solid and reasonably priced; he clearly knows his way around an aircooled VW. If you drive one you know how important it is to find a mechanic who specializes in them, and this place is now my go-to.
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Lydia Saunders


Starters are a critical part of your Volkswagen engine. After all, it’s what starts the car! Your starter is an electrical component that allows your engine to turn over when you turn your key or push the ignition, starting the vehicle. Without proper maintenance and inspection, a bad starter can leave you stranded at your home or out on the road. We want to help you avoid that. Our expert mechanical team at Classic Import Repairs specializes in Volkswagen starter replacement and repair. If your VW starter seems to be acting up, it’s crucial that you give us a call immediately. We have the proper tools and the appropriate education to repair or replace your Volkswagen starter with the fitting parts and equipment.

Below you’ll find the signs that your starter requires replacement or repair. If you experience any of these circumstances, please give us a call asap!

● Slow engine turn-over
● Unusual noises
● Starter not working with key-turn or button press
● Non-reliable operation

Volkswagens are some of the most reliable, easy to drive, and consistent vehicles on the market. They easily define the concept of turn-key and drive right off of the lot. Unfortunately, due to the import nature of these vehicles, they can be very difficult to have serviced when necessary. VWs require specialized, trained professionals to get the job done correctly. We’ll take care of all your Volkswagen starter repair needs at a fair and reasonable price that works within your budget.