Just got my 66 type3 into Tim's shop though it could be my trans or busted axle turns out stripped hub saved me $, trustworthy mechanic highly recommend.

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Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust manifolds are a vital part of your Volkswagen engine. As such, they must be paid special attention to and receive routine check ups and inspections. Your VW exhaust manifold is responsible for ensuring that toxic fumes are transferred away from your motor and cabins and sent where necessary to exit the vehicle. This crucial component also helps keep your vehicle emissions in check, greatly aiding in the energy efficiency of the car. If you feel that your exhaust manifold is in need of repair or replacement, give us a call immediately. Driving with a broken exhaust manifold can expose to you potentially dangerous fumes containing carbon monoxide.

Below, you will find a list of common symptoms that occur when your exhaust manifold is in need of repair or replacement.

● Noisy engine exhaust.
● Decreased fuel efficiency, acceleration, and overall power.
● Smell of burning from under the hood.
● Unusual gas pedal vibrations.

Give us a call today if you feel that your Volkswagen is in need of an exhaust manifold repair or replacement. It’s important that you bring your vehicle to a trained, professional, and experienced VW repair shop such as Classic Import Repairs. These vehicles require specific tools, parts, and expertise to fix properly. Don’t cut corners and risk detrimental damage to your vehicle by enlisting the aid of inexperienced Volkswagen service and repair shops. Trust us, we’re VW experts! We'll get you back on the road in no time with a plan that works in your budget.