Tim is one great surgeon when it comes to finding out what's wrong with your old V-Dub and repairing it. Also a great person to chat with about V-Dubs..
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Even with all the high-tech gadgets and gizmos that have found their way into modern vehicles, the vehicle’s brake system is still one of, if not the, the most vital part of your car. Volkswagen brakes can be tricky, as with any import vehicle. Luckily, as a Volkswagen repair shop, we always have the experience, parts, and education to get the job done, returning your Volkswagen to 100% functionality. Our priority is keeping you safe and secure within your vehicle, and VW brakes are a crucial part of this goal.

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, give us a call immediately.

● Squeaking and Squealing
● Grinding
● “Loose or Spongy” Feeling Brake Pedal

VW brake repair services are urgent. Don’t wait until you run into an expensive and potentially dangerous problem behind the wheel due to neglect. Give us a call today, and we’ll have your brakes returned to optimal operation in no time!

Volkswagens are some of the most reliable, easy to drive, and consistent vehicles on the market. They easily define the concept of turn-key and drive right off of the lot. Due to the import nature of these vehicles, they can be challenging to have serviced when necessary and require specialized trained professionals to get the job done correctly. At Classic Import Repairs, we have precisely that expertise and experience when it comes to Volkswagen-specific tools and parts. We’ll take care of all your Volkswagen brake repair needs at a fair and reasonable price that works within your budget.