Very knowledgeable! Great work done at a fair price. We could not find the part i needed so he fabricated one that works.(mustache bar engine mount for a Brazilian made bus) ... Ill recommend him every time!

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Ball Joints

Ball joints connect your vehicle's tires and wheels to its suspension system. These tiny components are a critical part of your vehicle's tire and suspension system and must be maintained or replaced routinely. Ball joints can also be particular to their car, especially when it comes to Volkswagens. If you begin to see signs of your ball joints wearing down, you’ll need to take your car to an experienced Volkswagen auto repair shop for replacement or ball joint repair services. You mustn’t neglect your ball joints, as they can result in very hazardous driving and break down conditions if not properly maintained.

Below, you find a list of signs and symptoms of ball joint wear and tear. Don’t wait until these joints give out. Just like joints on a human, once they give it, it can cause serious and expensive damage.

● Clunking Noises
● Uneven Tire Wear & Tear
● Drifting Vehicle

Ball joint wear can be challenging to detect by everyday operators, which is why you must bring your vehicle in for check-ups routinely. At Classic Import Repairs, we specialize in all Volkswagen upkeep, including VW ball joint replacement. These vehicles are some of the best on the market and can provide fantastic safe, fun, and smooth driving conditions. However, they need to be maintained by experienced VW mechanics. This brand has strict rules and regulations that need to be followed by using a rigid set of tools, techniques, and parts. Give us a call today, and we will help ensure that your Volkswagen remains on the road for the long haul.