Tim and the crew definitely know what they are doing !, as for pricing they got to pay bills too, can't complain. Great place !,

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Automotive Air Conditioning

While it used to be a luxury comfort, air conditioning has evolved into a necessary commodity for all motor vehicles. On a hot day, you’ll definitely notice if your VW automotive air conditioning breaks down. Volkswagens are meant to be fun, simple vehicles, so don’t go days on end without functioning AC. At Classic Import Repairs, our VW experts can act for a VW auto air conditioning repair shop, getting your AC back up and flowing strongly in no time!

It’s crucial that you do not try to fix your air conditioning system on your own. Volkwagen’s require highly specific tools, brands, and parts to function correctly. This rule absolutely applies to your VW air conditioning system. You inadvertently end up causing even more damage. Don’t risk it, give our professional Volkswagen mechanics a call today. We guarantee that the proper repair work is done swiftly and thoroughly.

At Classic Import Repairs, we take our Volkswagen work seriously as they are some of the best vehicles on the market currently. However, being an imported brand can come with its own challenges, such as finding the proper tools and parts to get the job done. It is our promise that we never cut corners and try to force non-compatible methods onto your vehicle. We follow the strict rules and regulations put out by the brand, ensuring the optimal performance of all features, especially the air conditioning. Give us a call today, and we’ll work on your timeline to schedule the repair work.